One of Georgia’s

Most Trained County Commissioners


  • I will listen.

    Voters want someone to represent them who they trust and trust begins with listening. I will continue to bring fairness to issues as we work for the diverse citizens of Gwinnett to have a place at the table to continue to work through important issues.

  • I will put public safety first.

    If our neighborhoods aren’t safe, Gwinnett citizens will leave. The District Attorney’s Office, Courts, Police, and Fire Departments will all find a friend in me. They are at the bottom of the list for budget cuts.

  • I will work for financial responsibility

    We must preserve Gwinnett’s Triple AAA bond rating, provide essential government services like public safety, parks and programming.

  • I will communicate well and often.

    This is the most important part of being a County Commissioner. Meeting with neighborhood communities on important issues and keeping the line of communions open. The Dinner and Dialogue program is great way over a shared meal to hold a conversation about Gwinnett to generate new ideas and start formulating solutions.

  • I will meet you at the “kitchen table,” not the conference room.

    While I was President of the United Peachtree Corners Civic Association, I helped resolve the same issues common to us all: zoning, development and transportation. I am a community servant—not a politician.

  • I will deliver results.

    I have been successful because I was a trusted neighbor and friend. I listened and then responded to the community’s concerns…and I was accountable for putting our community vision first. Together, we got results!

"Lynette always ask 'Why not?', rather than 'Why?' Who can’t support someone like that?"

Wayne Knox

"Lynette meets her endeavors with a positive attitude, integrity, and good humor. I am grateful that Lynette is willing to work for the good of our community."

Lorrie Ignatius

"Lynette clearly has the dedication to serve, the experience, the right temperament and skills to be a very effective, even-handed commissioner."

Ken & Judy Craft

Commissioner Lynette Howard

As a resident and a business owner in Gwinnett County I am very proud to have a Commissioner like Lynette Howard. Lynette has always put Gwinnett County First. Lynette has the character, intellect, and discernment to make the right decisions for Gwinnett County. Not only am I confident in Lynette’s ability, but I also trust her with our wonderful community. Scott Parr

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