Over the past eight years, Lynette has worked tirelessly to represent and protect the interests of all residents who live in District 2. Her mission for the next four years includes:

1. Public Safety

We should continue to promote the C.O.P.S. program. We MUST keep public safety strong. This is nonnegotiable. Community policing is the highest form of honor with interaction with citizens. It is the most efficient and effective way to police a community. When neighborhoods are safe, Gwinnett citizens can enjoy the exceptional quality they deserve.


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Commissioner Lynette Howard

2. Budget/Taxes

We shall maintain a balanced budget as we have for the last 8 years while maintaining the Gwinnett standard of service delivery for all citizens.

3. Transportation

We have developed a Comprehensive Transportation, Transit, and Trail plans. All three plans incorporated thousands of citizens input across the county to improve all modes of transportation. These plans will impact generations and leave a lasting legacy to improve quality of life. Going forward Gwinnett as a regional leader, key Gwinnett citizens will be active in the newly created ATL Board to have a voice for regional transit decisions.

4. Economic Development

We need to continue to work with our partners across the county including 16 cites, CID’s, Gwinnett County Economic Development group and Partnership Gwinnett to attract and grow businesses in Gwinnett. This effort will continue to generate better quality and higher paying jobs for all citizens of Gwinnett.

5. Parks & Recreation

We shall add and improve Gwinnett’s award winning parks and historic sites. Gwinnett has set itself apart nationally and the recent addition of Simpsonwood Park, a passive park, and the Hudson-Nash House in the District add to our conservation efforts. Our citizens enjoy Senior Services, organized sports, historic preservation and a variety of programing and social activities for all citizens including those with development disabilities.

6. Planning & Development

Gwinnett County must continue to update its zoning categories. It is imperative that we develop senior housing and mixed-use categories and create redevelopment incentives to draw higher quality of life investments into Gwinnett.

7. Water

We shall continue to be an international leader in water resource management. Gwinnett is the regional and global model in delivering millions of gallons of clean water back into Lake Lanier and the Chattahoochee River daily. With the planned growth in the region, we must continue to lead in innovation to insure we have the safest water system for our citizens health and well being. The Gwinnett Water Innovation Center will be the first of is kind combing research, training and education adding to our state of the art F.Wayne Hill Water Treatment campus.

8. Cities

We have been intentional in working together with all 16 municipalities. All are stakeholders as we all want what’s best for the citizens. Citizens in Gwinnett should not have to be conscience of boarders between cities and unincorporated Gwinnett.

9. Communications

This is the most important part of being a county commissioner. With improved technology and open government policies adopt we have made sure all citizens have access to contact me on important issues in helping make Gwinnett better.

10. Civic Organizations

I am constantly encouraging and developing opportunities for active neighborhoods to join together to help increase their voice. Stronger communities make a stronger Gwinnett and allow for better engagement with elected officials and public safety officers.

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